• Yes, one of the music teachers is teaching Computer Safety.
    No, I'm not upset about it. 

    “Why Dickinson?”

    • Music is one of the largest illegally used elements on the internet
    • The music industry is filled with career paths that involve social media and brand building.
    • The psychological aspects of this course are in line with my training and my post-graduate studies.
    • I am a parent with children who need to navigate these same issues.
    • Copyright law and intellectual property law are fundamental music issues as well.


    Computer Safety Syllabus

    Mr. Dickinson



    Course Description

    The Internet Safety course is designed to teach students how to be safe and responsible as they use digital resources. During the course, students will build digital literacy skills that they can use for life.  Safety, security and research skills as well as ethical and behavior issues will be addressed.  Class meets daily for one marking period.


    Course Topics

    The following topics will be covered during the course:

    • Personal/Identity safety
    • Social networking and online citizenship
    • Intellectual property/Copyright law
    • Research/Hoax/Verification
    • Online security – Virus recognition (may be integrated into other units)
    • Cyber harassment
    • Online predators
    • Technology tools and trends (integrated into other units)


    Handouts                    Videos           Online activities


    Class Expectations and Requirements

    • Students are expected to come to class prepared with necessary materials (pencil, assignments, etc.)
    • Students are expected to complete class work, projects, and assignments
    • Students are expected to be respectful of teacher and classmates



    Students will be evaluated in many ways throughout this course.  Evaluation will take place in the form of assignments, class participation, tests, quizzes, projects, group work, and class discussions.



    Computer Safety is graded on a Pass/Fail basis