• Chorus

    Matthew Dickinson, Instructor, mdickinson@ldsd.org


    Well, so much for that. The truth is that chorus is one of the courses we don't have figured out. We will find a way to offer chorus to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders. WHAT that looks like has yet to be determined. We may be outside and distanced from each other. We may be in small groups and distanced. We may be virtual. We may not even get to do concerts. But I'm here to help the people sing with majesty. If you want on board, email me. 


    FAQs Answered:

    No one has chorus on their schedule.

    Chorus is not required.

    Only awesome people sign up.

    Yes it is during 11th period.

    Yes we will wear masks.

    No one has inhaled a mask yet.

    PMEA and DCMEA have cancelled all festivals for 2020-2021


    Schedule (By days of the week in 2020. Not by Day numbers!)

    Monday - 6th grade chorus (Last name A-K)

    Tuesday - 6th grade chorus (Last name L-Z)

    Wednesday - 7th and 8th grade chorus (Last name A-K)

    Thursday - 7th and 8th grade chorus (Last name L-Z)


    Required materials:  a focused mind, attentive ears and a good attitude

    Course description:        

    • Students will commit to perform in the scheduled concerts (for which an appropriate manner of dress is requested.)  In weekly rehearsals, students will learn the performance music.  Attendance at the rehearsals is not optional.  If a student misses twice for reasons other than absence from school, early dismissal, or illness during the day, the student can be removed from the chorus.  Behavior problems are not tolerated and may result in the student’s removal from chorus. By joining the chorus, the student commits to performing in the two scheduled concerts, barring emergency or established conflicts. 
    • Concerts are not optional and can affect the term grade.  If students are aware of a scheduling conflict at the beginning of the semester, interested singers may still participate in chorus without penalty.

    Grading: Grading is done on a letter grade system. Students are scored for the following:

    • Ensemble – How does the singer function in the ensemble? Do they contribute to the choir? Do they encourage singers around them to greater success? (25 points)
      Rehearsal techniques – Does the singer follow the director? Does the singer learn the part they are assigned to sing? Do they pay attention and accomplish the tasks a musician needs to perform? (25 points)
    • Musicianship – Does the singer perform with accuracy? Does the singer have a good sense of pitch? Do they sing with good mechanics and technique? (25 points)
    • Materials – Does the singer maintain the materials assigned to them and manage their physical space as a musician needs to? (10 points)
    • Performance – Does the singer perform well in concert-like situations? Can they sing well alone? Can they sing well with others? Do they perform in scheduled events? (50 points)

    Schedule:             The class meets twice per cycle for a full year on the following cycle days.

    • 6th grade -                                         Day 1, 11th period
    • 7th grade -                                         Day 2, 11th period
    • No ensembles                                     Day 3, 11th period     
    • 8th grade -                                         Day 4, 11th period
    • 6th grade -                                         Day 5, 11th period
    • 7th and 8th grade -                             Day 6, 11th period

    Concert dates:

    6th grade =     Wednesday 12/18/19      6th Grade Chorus & all HS Choirs       7PM    LDHS

                            Wednesday 5/6/20         6th Grade Band, Chorus, Orchestra      7 PM LDMS


    7th and 8th =   Wednesday 1/15/20      7th/8th Grade Band, Chorus, Orchestra    7 PM   LDHS

                            Tuesday 5/19/20        7th/8th grade Chorus & all HS Choirs       7 PM      LDHS


     County chorus (by audition) 

    April 3-4, 2020  (Friday and Saturday)