Music Level 1 is a semester long course, designed to address the needs of the general student population. It is not a music specialty course. 

    In Music 1, students will...

    1. Create (Using their student computers, SoundTrap, etc)

    2. Perform (computers, recordings, spoken word, classroom instruments, ukulele, guitar, etc)

    3. Respond (spoken word, written word, clasroom discussion, artistic responses, etc.)

    4. Connect (to other disciplines and to other pieces of knowledge)


    While it is often true that the CONTENT of music class may not always be applicable in students' futures, that is not why we study music.  The process of studying music exercises the brain in ways that other disciplines do not. Music educates emotion, processes thought in real time, demands a search for meaning in real time, presents problems to be solved, inspires and requires cooperation, and other necessary elements of the learning process. While students may not need to know how to play the piano as a 20 year old, they will definitely need to be able to transmit written symbols into directions and apply those directions in a performance setting. Our goal is to use the artistry and discipline of music to enhance students' capacity to learn and to encourage their understanding of themselves and others. 

    Coursework is posted on Canvas for classes. 
    Homework is not a thing in my music class.