• Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: Math 6 Advanced
    Subject: Mathematics
    Grade Level(s): 6

    Synopsis of Curriculum

    The curriculum adjustments to the Math 6 advanced course were written to create a better placement for students that are working at a level beyond our current 6th grade curriculum but are not yet ready to be advanced to Pre-Algebra for 6th grade. In this curriculum, students will be exposed to all of the sixth grade curriculum with additional components such as working with negative numbers, fractions and decimals in a few additional units, and circles when they reach the geometry unit.

    Because these things will be addressed throughout the year with these sixth grade students, their 7th grade readiness unit in May will no longer be focused on integer operations but will instead be focused on introducing probability.

    Units of Study Titles



    Ratios, Rates, and Percentages



    Data Analysis