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    Access codes:

    Count to ten- OCEGJ

    Personal data forms (requires typing info)- UAXIF

    Dollar up- YLWXS

    Telling time to the half hour –TQENC

    Telling time to the hour-SOYGR

    Number ID 11-20-ALUGZ

    Number ID 3 and 4-EUZWI

    Number ID 1 and 2-PJYMR

    Counting money-VTZOG

    Counting objects-IEFVR

    Edmark vocab job words-DIBYP

    Edmark grocery words-WXYUA

    Money ($5,$10,$20)-CZYFN

    Community helpers-GRYIJ

    Community helper’s memory game-ZFAJW

    Money Memory-KCYSD