• Chapter By Laws

    National English Honor Society

    LowerDauphin High School-Falcon Chapter

    Article I.      Name

    Section I         The name of this organization shall be known and referred to as the Falcon Chapter of the National English Honor Society. (NEHS)

    Article II.      General Purpose

    Section I         The purpose of the organization shall be to involve top students and teachers in academically and culturally enriching experiences

    Section II      Acknowledge the achievement of outstanding students

    Section III    Expand your school’s reputation through affiliation with the national honor society

    Section IV    Develop student leadership opportunities through student-generated and student directed activities

    Section V      Increase students’ personal growth through service and leadership

    Section VI    Create non-classroom environments that allow student and teacher interaction focused on language arts appreciation and exploration

    Article III.      Powers vested in the organization

    Section I         Direct supervision of the chapter

    Section II      Safekeeping and maintenance of membership files and the chapter history

    Section III    Handling of financial transactions

    Section IV    Updating and filing of chapter bylaws and annual activities report

    Article IV.      Criteria for chapter membership

    Section I         Attendance at LDHS for the equivalent of one semester

    Section II      Completion of two semesters of English prior to induction (Freshman may not apply until the start of their Sophomore year)

    Section III    The achievement of a minimum overall and English grade point of 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale) prior to induction

    Section IV    Completion of the application process

    Section V      Students must demonstrate an interest in the Language Arts, this will be verified by the members of the English Department

    Article V.      Establishment of methods for selection of members

    Section I         Student interest application

    Section II      Verification of GPA overall and in English

    Section III    English departmental recommendation

    Section IV    Acceptance invitation

    Article VI.      Frequency of meetings

    Section I         Monthly meetings for all members

    Section II      Special sessions as necessary to reach the goals of the Falcon chapter

    Article VII.      Title, Duties, Responsibilities of officers, chapter advisors, members, and committees

    Section I          President-The president presides at the meetings; initiates activities and sees that they are carried out; appoints committees and sees that they function; lends continuity to the chapter; and makes certain that the jobs are distributed among as many of the members as possible. The president should be aware of the importance of teamwork, and that the distinction of being elected president is an honor not to be treated lightly.

    Section II      Vice President- The vice president presides in the absence of the president. This officer confers with the president and chapter advisor often and should be kept informed and involved in the activities. The vice president, with the chapter advisor, may also assume the duties of (co)program chair of the induction ceremony. This requires inviting speakers and making other necessary arrangements, and seeing that the program is effected in good order. As a committed chapter officer, the vice president can chair particular committees as needed and provide leadership for particular projects and activities.

    Section III    Secretary- The secretary keeps the minutes of the meetings, both of the business transacted and of the programs and activities. He/she sends out announcements of future meetings and the minutes of previous meetings. Other duties of this officer may include corresponding (along with the chapter advisor) with the National Office by sending in the names of new members and reporting activities, being responsible for local speakers, acting as host or hostess at chapter programs, and possibly serving as chair for a particular activity or project.

    Section IV    Treasurer- The treasurer, working with the chapter advisor, handles the chapter’s money matters. He/she should administer chapter funds and keep the other officers apprized of the status of chapter finances. Although the chapter advisor should be responsible for actually sending the national induction fees to the National Office, the treasurer may be enlisted to help with the collection of any local chapter dues. The treasurer should also take an active role in any fund-raising projects in which the chapter engages.

    Section V      Other Officers- Depending upon the size and level of involvement of the chapter, additional offices may be necessary. These offices may be assigned as needed, elected by the members, or combined with the duties of other officers. Some additional officers in chapters may be:

                                                                  i.      Historian It is essential to maintain a permanent record of the chapter"s members and activities. Clippings, rosters, programs, correspondence, etc., should be kept in some permanent form, perhaps in a scrapbook. In years to come, when members now on the scene have gone, these permanent records will become increasingly valuable. These materials should never be kept at a member’s home but in the care of the chapter advisor or in a permanent location at school. A chapter historian, working closely with the chapter advisor, may be elected to handle this important work.

                                                                ii.      Public Relations Chair- A good chapter should be as visible as possible. One member may be assigned the responsibility of keeping the news media (i.e. the school paper, the local paper, and radio and television stations, etc.) informed of programs, speakers, awards, and honors involving the local National English Honor Society chapter. This person should work closely with the school’s newspaper and yearbook staff. It is always important to keep the principal and other school and/or district administrators in the loop! The public relations chair also can make certain that fliers and banners are posted and that announcements concerning chapter events are made in a timely fashion.

                                                              iii.      Activities Chair- It is wise to appoint one person who knows how to go about setting up activities within the school system. An activities chair can work with the chapter president to help find rooms for meetings and events, to make arrangements for food, to ensure that invited speakers have correct information, and to check out equipment. School officials and staff generally appreciate working with one contact person, not many.

    Article VIII.      Procedures for election

    Section I         Open nominations

    Section II      Chapter Advisory Council will meet with current Officers to determine incoming officers

    Section III    Officers will be notified via personal letter

    Section IV    Special meeting to induct and ratify the elected officers

    Section V      Chapter Advisory Council will make final recommendations to remove Officers

    Section VI    Any student who does not comply with chapter and national regulations will be removed from the Falcon Chapter of the National English Honor Society.

    Article IX.      Rules of order and references for conducting NEHS business (Roberts rules of order)

    Article X.      Method and procedure for ratification of the bylaws

    Section I         Ratification by chapter advisory council

    Section II      Administrative approval

    Article XI.      Provision for amending the Bylaws

    Section I         These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the chapter upon the quorum of the membership with the approval of the Chapter Advisory Committee.

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