• Dear parent/guardian:

    You are receiving this letter because your family is listed in our records as qualifying for free or reduced meals at school in the Lower Dauphin School District. With the new school year fast approaching, we wanted to make you aware of a special program being offered in partnership with our food services management company, Chartwells.

    In this program, the district can provide families, who qualify, with free or reduced cost meals for days when students are not physically in school. In the hybrid model of education, students would qualify for up to three breakfasts and three lunches each week (depending on how many days school is in session) which they can bring home to eat on days they do not physically come to school.

    Qualifying students who attend Mondays and Wednesdays will receive meals on Mondays (or their first day of school that week) at the end of their school day. Qualifying students who attend Tuesdays and Thursdays will receive meals on Tuesdays at the end of their school day.

    For qualifying students who are attending school online full-time in a Lower Dauphin program, they may receive  breakfasts and lunches for every day school is in session that week. Parents can pick up these meals on Tuesdays at the school they would ordinarily attend between noon and 1 p.m.

    Students qualifying for free status will receive all meals free of charge. For students qualifying for reduced status, a breakfast costs 30 cents and a lunch costs 40 cents.

    Families can also sign-up for FalconPacks meal supports (a program the district operates in partnership with the Hummelstown Food Bank). If you are interested in receiving FalconPacks support for your student, please indicate that per child.

    Please register by as soon as possible so we can send meals home with your student. You only need to register once and will not need to register every week.

    The registration link for students who come to school at least one day per week is:  https://forms.gle/roVUrocshFQqpJib8

    If your student only attends school online in a Lower Dauphin program, the link is:  https://forms.gle/rXd7bL2oUpNrEmLh7

    If you have questions about meal and food supports, please contact your child's school office.