• Lower Dauphin High School and Middle School are fortunate to be able to offer a special program for students who have experienced stressful events. We have found that students who have experienced trauma as victims or witnesses often suffer from a unique kind of stress called traumatic stress. It could show up in the form of your child not wanting to go to school or as difficulties with schoolwork and concentration.  Especially during these difficult and uncertain times, many students may be struggling and could benefit from the supports offered in the program. 

    Today, your child watched a short video that describes the Supports for Students Exposed to Trauma (SSET) program that may be offered at the high school and middle school.  If you would like more information about the program, you can view the video to learn more about the program components and plan for implementation. 


    If you and your student are interested in the program, we need your permission to ask your student some questions about whether she or he has experienced or witnessed stressful events. Examples of questions that we will ask your child are “Have you been in a serious accident where you could have been badly hurt or could have been killed?” and “Has anyone very close to you been very sick or injured?” These questions will help us determine if the academic and/or social problems your child may be having are due to one or more stressful events that he or she might have experienced or witnessed.

    Based on our student’s responses, we will notify you if the SSET or another district program is recommended.  The information that we collect will be kept confidential and will not be a part of your child’s school record.  With your permission, we plan to gather this information during the weeks of September 14 and September 21 and will provide you feedback relative to the screening outcome. 


    We have attached a copy of the permission slip for the program can be found below:

    SSET Screening Permission (Eng)

    SSET Screen Permission (Esp)