• Curriculum

    As a learning support teacher, my job is to support the classroom curriculum.  In addition to supporting the classroom curriculum, I may at times use supplemental materials to better support your child's needs.

  • Supplemental Programs:

    * Fluency - Read Naturally

    * Fluency - Six Minute Solutions

    * Fluency - Read LIVE

    * Phonics - Project Read 

    * Phonics - Phonics for Reading

    * Written Expression - Project Read

    * Reading and Writing - Ready Common Core 

    * Reading - Sonday System

    * Math - STAMS

    * Connecting Math Concepts

    * Social Thinking - Superflex

    * Social Thinking - We Thinkers Volume 1 and 2

    * Social Thinking - Whole Body Listening Larry

  • Para-educators

    In addition to working with me, your child will work closely with our para-educators.  Mrs. Cooper and Miss Deb will work with your child in the eLearning setting.   In addition to supporting your child, they will also help support their classroom teacher to ensure success. 

  • Expectations

     In addition to attending live zoom sessions, students are expected to complete their "To Do" list for each day.  This independent work will be found on my class canvas page.  This work is expected to be completed each day to be marked present.  Additionally, students are expected to complete each special each week (library, art, gym, and music).  

  • Grading

    In addition to your child's report cards, your child will receive a progress report.  The report will explain current progress towards your child's IEP goals.  Additionally, your child's classroom teacher and myself work closely to determine an overall grade for the areas your child receives learning support services.