• One of our kindergarten goals is to read and spell sight words quickly without having to tap out the sounds. This will help your child when he/she encounters these common words while reading. Please practice these words with your child. Thank you for your support at home!

    all     like    go
    his     as      see
    the     man     on
    a       at      that
    hot     yet     had
    this    me      got
    am      no      he
    I       be      so
    to      can     has
    an      my      big
    we      not      she
    in      cut     they
    and     did     or
    is      run     by
    was     put     do
    are     for     from
    it      get     one
    you     ran     of

    Here are some ideas to make sight word practice fun!

    *Games: Add sight words to Jenga blocks, Memory cards, or hopscotch. Try playing catch and take turns saying one letter until the word is spelled.

    *Write the words with rainbow colors, highlighter, chalk, or watercolor paint. Shine a flashlight on the wall and ‘write’ each letter with the flashlight.

    *Trace the words with your finger into different textures like sand paper, the carpet, or a blanket.

    *Build the words using Scrabble tiles, refrigerator magnets, or Legos.  

    *Go on a Sight Word Hunt: Find the words in a book or magazine.