• Middle School Gifted Education Syllabus

    USA (Unique Student Activities)



    Students will work in the USA classroom one class period daily during their assigned semester as the school schedule will allow. During this time students will study topics of interest which may include but are not limited to enrichment and extension of core subjects, organization techniques, giftedness, etc. 


    All students will participate in the following units of study: 

    1. Socratic Seminar

    1. Paideia.org

    1. PBL/Falcon News Network

    2. 21st Century Skills

      1. Byrdseed TV

      2. Critical Thinking

      3. SEL

      4. NewzBrain

      5. EverFi

    3. TEAM+S  

    These units will be intertwined with one another throughout each semester. 


    Resource Room:

    Students may utilize the USA room during 11th period (ONLY if they have a pass signed by Mrs. Kullman and the homeroom teacher). This appointment time may be used to work on regular education work, independent study projects, group work, and to develop and practice good habits in the areas of time management, organization, public speaking and various areas of the regular school day. 



    Class is listed as a course in Canvas. Canvas will house resources, critical and creative thinking activities, etc. 


    Middle School Cell Phone Statement

    Students are not permitted to have their cell phones out or use their cell phones during the school day at the LDMS. This includes smart watches that are used for purposes other than telling time. The only exception to this is if the teacher gives direct permission to the class/student for an educational purpose or need in the classroom. Students who violate this are subject to discipline action under the Cell Phone procedures stated in the Parent-Student Handbook. 


    Let’s make it a great year!

    Mrs. Michelle Kullman