• Mandated Reporter Training (Act 126)

    The Mandated Reporter Training certificate can be completed online.

    • To register for the free training online, go to the Pennsylvania Child Resource Center website and complete the New User Registration Information. Please select “No” when asked if you are licensed or applying for a license through the following boards. After submitting your information, the Pennsylvania Child Resource Center will send you an email with your Username and Password.
    • Complete the training online.
    • Please follow the directions listed below:
      • Type in your username and password
      • Click “Login”
      • Click on the hyperlink under the “Your Courses Section”
      • rrca-0299: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
      • Click on the Click Here button
      • Follow the directions to complete the course.
      • Print your certificate of completion
      • Provide a copy of the certificate to the Human Resource Department
    • The online training takes approximately three (3) hours to complete. It should be noted that individuals do not need to complete the training during one single period of time - the system is designed to allow you the option of competing the training over multiple periods of time.
Last Modified on January 6, 2023