• To ensure public accountability and vested partner participation, the School Board directed the Administration to form a Parent Advisory Council and a Student Advisory Council to discuss the climate and culture in our high school and middle school with the goal of finding avenues to create a positive school culture and climate where every child feels safe, respected, treated fairly, and ready to learn. This is serious work that requires listening, empathy, patience, and openness.

    We recognize that our students and families are experts on our school climate. And we need your voice and partnership.

    The Advisory Council meetings will be facilitated by our independent consultant to help identify strengths, opportunities for change, aspirations, and meaningful results to cultivate a safe and supportive school climate. The Advisory Councils will meet frequently to center the voices of our students and families and solicit their feedback on any proposed action and progress benchmarks.

    In March 2023, students and parents completed surveys to determine the best time to hold meetings of these Advisory Councils. 

    In early May 2023, a second survey was sent to parents of middle school and high school students to sign-up and provide contact information if they were interested in being part of these groups. 

Last Modified on May 6, 2023