The Concert Band
    This ensemble is the core of the band program.  While participating in this ensemble, students will have the opportunity to make technical progress on their instrument as well as advance their skills in performance and musicianship. 

    Students in this ensemble will perform at two major concerts during the year where repertoire of very high quality will be presented.  Students wishing to advance their performance opportunities will be able to audition for county, district, regional, and state festivals.  Opportunities for smaller, more select groups will unveil themselves as the year progresses. 


    The concert band rehearses Monday through Friday during the school day.  Students are also required to attend weekly sectionals during the school day.  These sectionals allow for more personal attention from the director.  Dress rehearsals will be scheduled for evenings before concerts.  Attendance is mandatory. 
    All Extra-Curricular Ensembles
    Participation in other ensembles such as the Marching Band or Indoor Percussion Ensemble requires that students be enrolled in Concert Band.  Exceptions may be made for students who perform on non-traditional instruments such as (but not limited to) guitar and electric bass.  Participation is also contingent upon a student's standing in the Concert Band.  Students are required to maintain at least an 85% in concert band and fulfill their individual responsibilities to the program.  Any student may be suspended or removed from an extra-curricular ensemble by the band director if a student is not meeting his or her concert band expectations in any way.  Students wishing to participate in Jazz Ensemble must be enrolled in either Concert Band or the Improvisation/Jazz Ensemble class and maintain at least an 85%.