• Updated 4/25/19
    Student leader information will be posted after our return from Wildwood
    Show information will be here after the 5/19 band banquet
    Congrats to those selected as student leaders for the 2019 season.  Please feel free to talk to Mr. R. with any questions or concerns.
    You may register for the 2019 LD Marching Band here
    Please read the handbook.  Especially new parents (incoming 8th and 9th graders). 
    Section leaders (principal wind players, drum captain, and color guard captain) are all selected at the same time through the same process.
    Interested parties should complete the online applications below no later than Thursday, March 21st.  Interviews will happen Tuesday, MARCH 26th.  Section leader applicants should be prepared to act as the practice band for Drum Major auditions.
    NOTE: Drum Major candidates should also apply for section leader if they wish to be considered for a section leader in case they are not selected as Drum Major.
    Section Leader:  Section Leader application

    The Lower Dauphin High School Marching Band is an extracurricular activity involving music students in grades 9-12. It is open to any student enrolled in concert band, and to color guard members. The Marching Band combines a modern band appearance and sound with a traditional music education philosophy which emphasizes the importance of musicality and advocacy.  The band rehearses Tuesday evenings, Fridays after school, and performs each Friday during the football season. Additionally, the Marching Band performs at 2-3 exhibitions and 3-4 parades during the fall.  Since the band does not compete, our band students are free on most Saturdays for employment, college visits, and leisure time activities.

    All Extra-Curricular Ensembles

    Participation in other ensembles such as the Marching Band or Indoor Percussion Ensemble requires that students be enrolled in Concert BandExceptions may be made for students who perform on non-traditional instruments such as (but not limited to) guitar and electric bass.  Participation is also contingent upon a student's standing in the Concert Band.  Students are required to maintain at least an 85% in concert band and fulfill their individual responsibilities to the program.  Any student may be suspended or removed from an extra-curricular ensemble by the band director if a student is not meeting his or her concert band expectations in any way.  Students wishing to participate in Jazz Ensemble must be enrolled in either Concert Band or the Improvisation/Jazz Ensemble class and maintain at least an 85%.