• Updated 5/22/24

    Please read the handbook.  Especially new parents (incoming 8th and 9th graders). 

    Drum Majors and Section Leaders (principal wind players, drum captain, and color guard captain) are all selected at the same time through the same process.

    Interested parties should complete the online applications below no later than Friday, April, 19th. Interviews will happen Thursday, April 25th after school.

    Section leader applicants should be prepared to act as the practice band for Drum Major auditions on Monday, May 22nd. Drum Majors will be interviewed at the end of the school day (live).

    Section Leaders will participate in interviews on April 25th with Dr. R., Mr. Hutch, Sheldon, and Sarah.

    Drum major: Drum Major Application

    NOTE: Drum Major candidates should also apply for section leader if they wish to be considered for a section leader in case they are not selected as Drum Major.

    Drum Major scores: See Dr. R. for a score to practice with.

    Section Leader and Power Squad: Section Leader/ Power Squad member Application