• Teaching Teams
    Students spend their school days with the same 120 students rotating among the same team of teachers for their various academic classes. Each team operates as a 'school within a school,' and the teachers are empowered to make decisions about how to run their own teams. Under this teaching team structure, both teachers and students hold a high level of familiarity and accountability to each other. Teachers are able to view the 'whole' student, and can offer individual attention and personalized education. The team structure also encourages and provides for a high level of parent participation in a child's education.

    Resource Period (11th period)
    During this resource period, teachers are available in their classrooms for student remediation, enrichment or team activities. This is also the time during which all Middle School vocal and instrumental performing groups rehearse.

    Language Arts/English
    Language arts in the sixth grade  encompasses reading, writing, grammar, speaking, comprehension and vocabulary. Seventh-grade and eighth-grade students are enrolled in English.

    The Language Arts Curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. Student progress is monitored through a district-wide assessment plan which includes skills assessments, process assessments and a portfolio of student writing samples.

    Our math curriculum follows standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Math. Math at the Middle School level currently ranges from general academic math to geometry.

    Science coursework in the sixth grade focuses on earth science, chemistry and ecology.  Living sciences are studied in the seventh grade while physical science is the emphasis in the eighth grade.

    Social Studies
    Sixth-grade social studies focuses on the geography of North America and career standards. Seventh-grade students study world cultures from ancient times up to the Renaissance. Eighth-grade social studies units range from the discovery and exploration period to the Civil War. 



Last Modified on September 30, 2022