• As part of Lower Dauphin Middle School’s ongoing commitment to maintain a strong home-school partnership, we are pleased to inform you of a new tool that will provide you with increased ability to monitor the academic progress of your child. The new tool, called PowerSchool, is a web-based application accessible from any Internet-enabled computer.
    Users with a valid user name and password can access student records online using the district's PowerSchool Online Access system by clicking the preceding link or by clicking the 'Grades' link on any page of the Lower Dauphin website.
    Once logged in, parents and students will have access to a variety of student data such as the current address and phone number, emergency contact information, attendance records, grades (including both final marking period grades and grading spreadsheets that chronicles the performance of your student throughout a marking period), and parent / guardian information.
    Student usernames and passwords were sent home in a letter at the start of the school year.
    Please make sure that you keep your username and password in a safe and secure place. Although all data within PowerSchool is encrypted in order to prevent unauthorized access, your child’s data will be accessible by anyone that has access to your username and password. Should you lose your login information you will be required to schedule an appointment to come to the school office in person and present a valid picture ID to obtain a new username and password.

    Please note that all records within PowerSchool represent a snapshot of student records. Although our school will make every attempt to keep records up-to-date, the data is not considered an official record. Official records can be obtained by contacting the school’s guidance office.

    We hope that you find PowerSchool to be a valuable tool. If you have any questions please contact the District’s Department of Technology Resources at (717) 566-5392 or send your request to helpdesk@ldsd.org.

Last Modified on August 18, 2021