• Successful, smooth school years happen when kids are engaged and focused, and parents and teachers communicate. Please call/email me when you have a question.

    • Talk to your child every night. Ask about their school day. They may say they did nothing, but if you ask questions, you'll get more out of them.

    • Have your child eat a good breakfast. We eat "second lunch" which means unless they bring a snack, they are not eating until 11:50.

    • Get lots of sleep. Sleepy kids are often grumpy and unable to learn. You know your child best, when they are well rested, they are able to focus and participate more often.

    • Check planners every night.

    • Encourage reading whenever possible.

    • Read some more.

    • Donate items for the classroom store. Kids will earn play money and be able to spend it. Popular items have been small packaged snacks, pencils, "fun" erasers, small toys, etc. Get creative. What does your child like?

    • Read some more.

    read to me