Shared Values
    The Lower Dauphin School District is committed to excellence, high expectations, fiscal responsibility, and must be accountable to the individual students, as well as to the public. We believe the following are vital to the success of the educational process:
    Each student can learn and succeed. The student, as a unique individual, is the foundation of the educational process. We are committed to providing the opportunities that support the student’s natural desire to learn, develop abilities, expand interests, and improve decision-making skills. These efforts should enable and empower students to be responsible and take ownership of their own learning, to recognize their obligations in a democratic society, and to experience the joys of life-long learning.
    A highly skilled and dedicated professional and support staff is a vital factor in the educational process. Each member of the staff is a guiding force in the progression of each student toward the achievement of full potential. Staff members collectively design and implement the learning process through application of their knowledge and through concern for the students as unique individuals.
    The home shares a significant responsibility for the education of each student by providing a nurturing environment that is supportive of the school and its programs. Family involvement should be encouraged through cooperative planning, implementation of academic and non-academic programs and organizations, and reinforcement of the educational process.
    A stimulating and safe school environment is crucial to the success of the educational process. We are committed to creating an environment which fosters resiliency in our students, encourages the desire for learning, fosters creativity and problem-solving, promotes respect for self and others, and demonstrates a spirit of cooperation and collaboration through effective use of instructional strategies.
    Quality resources help promote the success of the educational process. We are committed to providing facilities that are carefully designed and well maintained. We recognize that technology is essential to realizing our goal to meet the changing needs of an individual in our complex global society.
    The school district must recognize its place in the greater global society, must be a partner with the community, must respond to its diverse needs, and must recognize the community’s contributions to a strong educational program.
    By promoting the above beliefs, the Lower Dauphin School District will meet the challenging needs of a global society and will act as a dynamic source of social improvement.