2010-2011 Elected Leo Club Board


    So, what does Leo Club do?
    As a way of improving school grounds, Leo Club weeded existing gardens
    as well as adding some new plant additions!
    B - I - N - G - O

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    bingo 09bingo 4


    On the first Tuesday of every month, Leo Club members can be found among a pile of bingo chips and cards.  We go visit residents of Hummelstown Manor, and bingo is usually the activity of choice!





    and SPAGHETTI!


    Each year Leo Club supports the Lion's Club at their annual pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinner.  Our job is to set up serving trays, help serve salads and drinks, clear tables, and wash trays...and more trays...and more trays!


    rafflesp presdan
    Here we are at this year's spaghetti dinner. 
    We're working, eating, laughing, eating, and wondering if we'll get back in when we take the trash out! 



    $$$$$$$$$$ and Service

    for Good Causes


    Leo Club organizes several activities to support community service organizations. 
    blood 10drop

    Leo Club is proud to have hosted its second annual blood drive on
    October 5th sponsored by the American Red Cross
    Pictured to the left are Leos that volunteered during the blood drive. 
    A total of 30 pints of blood were generously donated by local residents. 
    Leos pictured to the right are helping set up the snack area for donors.





     In preparation for our blood Drive, a representative of the American Red Cross came to speak to Leos. 
    In April 2011, Leos donated & assembled items for Red Cross Care Kits to be given to
    local victims of fire or other disasters.
     care kits

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