• Keyboarding Practice Sites
    1.  Brown Bear Typing -  Grades 2-5
    Exercises design to improve touch-typing skills.  Try to concentrate on the screen to get used to 'feeling' for thee correct keys. 
    2.  Dance Mat Typing - Grades 2-5
    Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to touch typing for children ages 7-11 years.  Each of the four program levels is divided into four stages and emphasizes the correct hand placement on the home-row keys.  
    3.  Touch Typing Lessons - Grades 3-5
    This site offers a free, interactive typing tutor that teaches two keys at a time.  Once the keys are mastered at the words per minute goal, there is a review to use the two keys with all of the other keys learned in previous lessons.
    4.  ABCYA Cup Stacker - Grades 2-5
    Another great typing site to practice correct fingering and hand placement.  This site also has flash card practice and is complete with the sound of an old-fashioned type writer. 
     5. Students are also using a fantastic typing program called Keyboarding Without Tears by the makers of Handwriting Without Tears. Please email me at tbitner@ldsd.org if you would like your child to be able to access the program from home.