• Thanks to our Community Partners
    One of the principles of the Communities That Care process is to celebrate our successes. Over the past decade, the following businesses, individuals and political entities have made donations to support our research-based, risk-prevention programs for the youth of the Lower Dauphin community:
    Double Diamond Sponsors (over $100,000)
    Dauphin County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services
    Exelon's Three Mile Island
    Lower Dauphin School District
    Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency, Inc.
    The Pollock Foundation 
    Diamond Sponsors ($25,000-$99,999)
    American Legion Post 265 Family 
    Borough of Hummelstown
    Community Aid, Inc.
    East Hanover Township
    South Hanover Township
    Platinum Sponsors ($10,000-$24,999)
    Conewago Township
    Dauphin County Human Services
    Dauphin County Medical Society Alliance
    The Garrabrant Family
    Grumbine's RV Center
    Lower Dauphin Middle School
    Rohrer Bus Company
    Gold Sponsors ($5,000-$9,999)
    Beth Bates
    Fulton Bank 
    Roy and Patricia Krow
    Cindy and Jeff Markham
    Judy Nuss
    Rodney and Kathy Peffer
    Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
    In Memory of Mary Petrina Smith
    Guy and Micki Weaver
    Weaver's Glass
    Sponsor ($1,000-4,999)
    Bill and Marion Alexander
    Alta3 Research, Inc.
    Janice and Barry Anderson
    David and Ann Angle 
    Robert and Chantal Atnip 
    The Balog Family
    Jack and Susan Banks 
    Glen S. Bartlett, M.D.
    Rick and Linda Blair
    Roger and Colleen Brock 
    Steve and Karen Burk
    Dr. David Campbell
    Russ and Margie Cassel
    Charles and Nancy Cladel  
    Country Meadows
    The Dahmus Family
    Jody Dimpsey
    Vickie and Scott Feinstein
    Sean and Leah Ferguson
    Carol Gallerizzo
    Grace United Methodist Church
    Jim Hazen
    Jim and Connie Hazen
    Andy and Sheri Helmer
    The Hershey Company
    Hixon & Simko LLC
    Hummelstown Business & Professional Association
    Hummelstown Lions Club
    Hummelstown Rotary Club 
    The Iantosca Family
    InKnowVative Display & Sign Studio
    Don and Vicki Kensinger
    Kline Brothers, Inc.
    Linda Kreiser
    Phyllis Livengood
    Londonderry Township
    Ginger Lowe
    Paul and Debora Lutzkanin
    Bradley and Barbara Miller
    Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
    Don and Ann Poole
    Rhoads Hallmark & Gift Shop
    Roeting Mechanical Associates, Inc.
    Steve and Linda Rose
    St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church
    Wade and Jean Seibert
    Bob and Diane Shenk
    Ruth M. Siegel and Mark D. Widome
    Dr. Sherri Smith
    The Stober Family
    Mr. Bob's Subway Restaurants
    Patricia B. Swigart
    Jerry and Diann Tressler 
    Trinity United Methodist Church
    The Wohlfarth Family
    In Memory of Paul T. Wolfe
    The Wuestner Family
    Mary Yeager
    Berwood and Lynne Yost
    Partner ($500-999)
    Russ and Peggy Ackerman
    Jay Africa
    Barb Atkinson
    Kim Balmer
    Rick and Patty Barger 
    Don and Jean Bolton
    The Bridge Church 
    Roger and Colleen Brock
    Charlotte Brown
    Betsy Cerritelli
    Commonwealth Financial Associates, Ltd.
    Debora Connell
    Chip and DeFord Davis
    The DeLano Family
    Robin and Rod Dickinson
    Judy and Peter Dillon
    The Dreon Family
    EI Associates, Architects
    Cheryl Eshenour
    Espenshade's Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
    Rich and Nadine Espenshade
    Stephanie and Nathan Estes
    FFO, Inc.
    Faith United Church of Christ, Grantville
    Todd and Nancy Fisher
    Todd R. Fisher, M.D. - Family Medicine
    Jim and Linda Flanagan
    Sandra Geesaman
    Michael and Vicki Hilbert
    Teresa Hoover
    Hummelstown Flower Shop Inc.
    Hummelstown United Church of Christ
    J & S Fabrication, Inc.
    Paul Joong
    Rev. and Mrs. Kirk C. Kerns
    Corky and Janie King
    Carol Ann Kling
    Tom and Mary Knackstedt
    Ann and Jay Kopp
    Natalie A. Kratzer
    Kreider & Smith Insurance Agency
    Mark and Megan Lauer
    Lower Dauphin Middle School Leo Club
    Deborah Lytle
    Ray and Bonnie Manning
    Edward W. Martin's Garage, Inc.
    Julia Mayberry
    Michael and Tracy McCormick
    Paula McCreary
    The McGarvey Family
    Tim and Lisa Mosher
    Leslie Moyer
    Julia O'Neill
    Pantalone Chiropractic
    Susan I. Petrina
    James Pirtle
    John and Terry Reitz
    Pat Rhine 
    The Scholfield Family
    Robert K. Schultz
    Wade and Jean Seibert
    Linda Shakespeare
    Shells Lutheran Church
    Richard and Nancy Shertzer
    Martin Siegel/Carolyn Stine
    Howard Smith / Kreider & Smith Insurance
    The Sun
    Trefz & Bowser Funeral Home, Inc. 
    The Ulrey Family
    Ron and Amee Vance
    Verdelli Farms, Inc. 
    Ann and John Walsh
    Ed and Mary Jane Warner
    Robert and Kathy Weber
    Ron and Cindy Wise
    Bob and Cathy Wreski
    Amy Zewe
    Donors ($250-499)
    Ken and Gwen Adams
    Ken and Connie Allwine
    Michele Balliet
    Tim and Shannon Bastian
    The Beaver Family
    John Bonawitz
    Rev. Martha Boyd
    Raymond and Patricia Brace
    Debra Brooks
    Buse Funeral Home
    Nicole Cassel 
    Robert Cassel
    Darlene Christofes
    Crystal Pools Inc.
    Jim and Joanne Custer
    Rebecca Davis
    B. Susan Davis
    Susan Dellinger
    Peter and Angela Durantine
    Easy Siders Home Improvement Co.
    Educators of Lower Dauphin
    Dawn Eldridge
    Deanne S. Endy
    Kate Eshenour
    Patricia Ethridge
    FFO, Inc.
    John and Linda Flanagan
    Donna Friedrich
    Don Fry
    Jacqueline Gaige
    Sandie Geary and Lynn Walker
    Goepfert Eye Associates, Inc.
    Lori Goncalves
    The Gopinath Family
    Barbara Grespin
    Brandt and Julie Groh
    Jon and Bobby Grove
    Hershey Entertainment & Resorts
    John and Brenda Hollenbach
    Eric and Karen Hutchison
    Bill and Rosemary Jackson
    Dianne M. Jones
    Dale and Susan Kastelic
    Lisa Kiessling
    James and Mary Klinger
    Gary and Mary Lauerman
    The Lucking Family
    Linda Stuber's Beauty Salon
    Michelle and Dan McGinnis
    Judith McMullen and Joe Krushka
    Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Miller
    Millhimes Family
    Dr. & Mrs. Edward Mimnagh
    The Neely Family
    Cliff and Sue Myers
    Janine Patrick
    Jeff and Dawn Reese
    Kathryn Ringso
    Robert and Karen Schankweiler
    Carol Schilling
    Mark and Colette Schindler
    Erik and Kristin Schmidt
    Seasonal Grounds Tea Bar
    Michelle D. Shuler
    Lauren Thompson and Dan Sisson
    David and Sharon Smith
    Rick Smith
    Rahn and Gail Snyder
    Joan E. Spire
    Jay and Jan Stanton 
    Ken and Linda Strohm
    Larry and Diane Suhr
    Ed and Mary Jane Wagner
    Ruth E. Wagner
    The Warwick Hotel & Restaurant
    Weaver Financial Services
    Marie Weber
    Linda Wisner
    Patrons ($100-249)
    Les and Ruth Adams
    Jim and Marilynn Antonio
    Chip Barkman
    William and Kathy Baum
    Lori Beaver
    Mark Beaver
    Jack and Sheri Bell
    George Billow
    Bernie and Kay Bischof
    Blyler Printing Co.
    Jeffrey and Tammy Jo Bonawitz
    Brewer Flooring
    Jeff and Lisa Brown
    Brownstone Dermatology Assoc.
    Brownstone Cafe
    Capt. Ian Campbell, USMC
    Paul and JoEllen Carnathan
    Betty Cassel
    Alan Ceperich
    Children R Special
    Commonwealth Financial Associates 
    Susan Copenhaver
    Elizabeth Crowe-Joong
    Nancy Daubert
    Carl "Chick" DeFebo, Sr.
    Charles J. DeHart, III
    Dr. Cheryl Dellasega, Club Ophelia 
    Jody Dimpsey
    Lisa Ditty 
    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Duignan, Jr.
    Keithea and Gene Emerick
    Elaine Enders 
    Paula A. Esposito
    Michael and Nancy Faherty
    Tom and Linda Fallat
    Carol Foley
    Tom and Terry Gawlas
    The Gillman Family
    Dr. and Mrs. Shawn Gingrich
    Shine and Michele Gopinath
    Carol Graber
    Jeff Hagen
    Stephen and Charleen Hall
    Handyman Matters
    Angie and Jason Heath
    Angela Hepner
    Hershey Dental Associates, LLC
    Hershey Museum • Gardens
    Brenda Hershey-Fell
    Peter and Mary Houts
    Infinity GMAC Real Estate
    Robert and Nancy Jones
    Jonestown Bank & Trust
    KHB Insurance
    Kermit Katzaman
    Shane and Debbie Kenney
    Jill Kiessling
    Elizabeth Kreider
    Lebanon County Christian Ministries
    Heather Lee
    Lower Dauphin School Board
    Kristen MacKay 
    Ann and Keith MacLaughlin
    Dr. and Mrs. James Malone
    Mike and Marjie Markowitz
    Sheron Marshall
    McCann's School of Dance 
    Dave and Sally McKeever
    Tony and Pam Measley
    Meineke of Hershey, Inc. - #712
    Kevin and Michelle Miduri
    Vernon and Mildred Miller
    Keith Oellig
    Mike and Donna O'Keefe
    Cheryl Micka Olinger 
    Mark and Eileen Pagano 
    Ellen and Gary Perry
    The Purdy Family
    Lynne Ravas
    Reynolds Construction Management, Inc.
    Karen Rhoad
    Joan and Michael Sather
    Pastor John and Barb Schaefer
    Mark and Debbie Schug
    The Scipione Family
    Kris Shelton
    Barbara Sherrard 
    Shining Bethany Class (Union Deposit United Methodist Church)
    Paul and Carolyn Shirk
    Howie Smith (Kreider & Smith Insurance Agency)
    Mary Smith
    The Snook Family
    South Hanover Faculty
    Ruth Spitler
    Kurt Stoner/Stoner Graphix
    StorageTek, Inc.
    Susquehanna Bank 
    Lance and Tara Thompson
    Thrasher Services
    Judith Ungar
    Tim and Kathy Wallace
    Weaver's Glass
    The Weeter Family
    Steve and Sue Weiser
    Jan and Andy Welkie
    Don and Gen Whitehaus
    Kelly and George Williamson
    Sherie and Bill Wylie 
    Jacqueline Zoeller
    Friends ($25-99)
    Abraham Law Offices
    Adventure Sports
    The Allens
    Maria Amatucci
    Toni Arnold
    Amy Atkins
    Kathy Barlow
    Kathy Barone
    Francis Barrett
    Tim Bartholomew
    Simone Bastos
    Maryanne and Basem Bayoumy
    Jeanne Beachler
    Suzan Beacham
    Michele Bell Gopinath
    Susan Bettendorf
    The Blouch Family
    John Bolton
    Michele Bostdorf
    Susan and Bill Breidenstine
    Linda Breisch
    Dustin Brinton-Wilson
    Brownstone Real Estate Co.
    Melody Brubaker
    In Honor of Sarah Campbell
    Stephen J. Canis, DMD, PC
    Nickolaus and Allison Cargas
    Lynn Carney
    Craig and Becky Cassel
    Tom Chesney
    Children's House of Hershey
    Steff and Courtney Chortanoff
    Wally and Audrey Conway
    Brian and Janie Crow
    Susan Curry
    Philip E. Dale
    Amy DeMay
    David Didelot
    Jody Diskin
    Doc's Roller Revue
    Patrick and Amanda Donohue
    Julie Dormer
    Keith Drumheller
    Pamela Duignan
    Tim and Connie Dunkle
    Christine Eberhard
    Keith and Cristin Espenshade
    Bill and Cheryl Finney
    The Fletcher Family
    Clara Flowers
    Renee Foster 
    Jodi and Pete Fox
    Friends of Lotwick Community
    Mark Gallick
    Nancy Gamber
    Dawn Gesford
    Rozanne Gies
    Pat Goodstein
    Forrest and Jane Graeff
    The Gula Family
    Kim Hammaker-Smith
    Linda and Art Heilman
    The Helder Family
    Jason Heller
    Shawn and Emily Hennessey
    The Hershey Lodge
    Karen Hitz
    Jay Hoffman Family
    Holiday Inn • Harrisburg/Hershey
    Hudson Family
    Carol Humphreys
    Keith and Melissa Huntzinger
    Patricia Ignatosky
    Jill Jajczyk
    Jim's Mobile RV Repair 
    Margaret Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Judy
    The Kalloz Family
    Jen Kastelic
    Kazinski Family
    Katrina Kelly
    Barbara Kern
    Jamie Ketty
    Elizabeth Kirman
    Harold and Mary Kling
    Jennifer Klingensmith
    Tom and Denee Kouletsis
    Barb Kuhlen
    The Ken Kulina Family
    Lake Tobias Wildlife Park
    Shawn Landis Family
    Jayne Lane
    Mike Lausch
    Kathy Lehrman
    Joanna Lennox
    Terry Lewis
    The Little Family
    Brittany Lindsey
    Melody Lovelidge
    Gloria Mader
    The Mannetta Family
    Cynthia Markham
    Evvy Matako
    Nick and Deb Matincheck
    Julia Mayberry
    Maureen McCann
    Dawn and Mark McCormick
    Lisa Mearkle
    Rich and Gloria Miller
    Tom and Dawn Moffett
    Trisha Moody
    Tim and Lisa Mosco
    Ray and Roxanne Moyer
    Jason and Lisa Musser
    Jody Myers
    Ron and Marcela Myers
    Ed and Daniele Neiswender
    Georgene Nissley
    Paul ODonnell Jr.
    Old Country Buffet
    Vince and Joann Pagano
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pankratz
    Danielle Patrick
    Brenda Peffley Smyser
    Eric and Patrice Pettis
    The Piegzik Family
    Heidi M. Pinkham
    The Potts Family
    Anthony Quickel
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Quickel
    Reynolds Family
    Rhoad Family
    Jeffrey and Mel Rowe
    Jen Santiago & Family
    Bernard and Rosalie Sarfert
    Lynn Schankweiler
    The Schrum Family
    The Sentinel Group, Inc.
    Susie Seth/Donna Ceschini
    Paula and Matt Sheaffer
    Debra A. Shearer & Family
    Joan Sibek
    Gail Sido
    David Sierer
    Lorri Siffin
    The Skitka Family
    Don and Kristi Smith
    Ella Smith
    Nancy Snyder
    The Spidell Family
    Glenda Stahl
    Debbie Stevens
    Cindy Stewart 
    Robert and Jean Stokes
    Dennis and Judy Struzzi
    The Swartz Family
    Susan and Jeff Taylor
    Cheryl Tierney 
    Annette and David Trautman
    United Methodist Women of Union Deposit
    Gail Urich
    Dave Viola
    Vyly Vo
    Elizabeth Wagner
    Lynne Walmer
    Pam Waters
    Larry and Carol Watkins
    Susan Wert
    Karen Wilbert
    Suzanne Wildman
    Cindy Wiltraut
    Karen Wylde
    In Memory of Christine Yaw
    Dane and Lauren Youtz
    Jeff and Liz Zavada
    Bob and Tammy Zeigler
    Nancy Zeigler