• Board of Directors
    One of the key components of the Communities That Care process is that it is community specific. As such, the board of directors who oversee the operation of the CTC process are local citizens who are representative of the community. By involving a broad base of community members in the decision-making and implementation process, we are hoping to ensure community buy-in and future success of our efforts.
    Following the CTC model, our Board of Directors is made up of formal leaders (elected and appointed officials as well as business and civic leaders) and informal leaders (movers and shakers who are well-known in the community). By reaching out and involving a variety of sectors in the community, we are confident that our Board will be able to effect the changes in our community needed to ensure that all our young people reach their full potential.

    The members of our Board of Directors and their affiliations are listed below:

    • Janice Anderson, Attorney/Parent
    • Colee Baker, Student Representative (non-voting member)
    • Robert Cassel, South Hanover Twp. Supervisor
    • Angela Durantine, CTC Program Director (non-voting member)
    • Michael Geyer, Londonderry Twp. Supervisor
    • Pastor Matt Given, Deep Rivers Church
    • Jim Hazen, Lower Dauphin School District Community Relations Coordinator and CTC Executive Director
    • Natalie Kratzer, Businesswoman
    • Patricia Krow, Businesswoman
    • Judy McMullen, Community Member
    • Trisha Moody, Lower Dauphin School District Home & School Visitor
    • Kathy Peffer, past CTC Program Director
    • Don Poole, Businessman and Civic Volunteer  
    • Brynn Powell, Student Representative (non-voting member)
    • Bob Rogers, Community Business Leader  
    • Dr. Robert Schultz, Lower Dauphin School District Superintendent
    • Michelle Shuler, Lower Dauphin School District Business Manager 
    • Rick Smith, East Hanover Township Supervisor/Parent  
    • Gail Snyder, Parent/Community Health
    • Eugene Spencer, School Resource Officer/Hummelstown Police Officer

    The role of the Board of Directors is to oversee the implementation of the Communities That Care operating system within the Lower Dauphin community. Board members are also expected to open doors to community resources and information, engage other key community leaders, supervise grant funds, and supervise committees and activities.
    At its November 2020 annual meeting, the board elected an Executive Committee to oversee the CTC effort. The officers are:

    Janice Anderson, Chairwoman 
    Trisha Moody, Vice Chairman 
    Judy McMullen, Secretary
    Michelle Shuler, Treasurer
    Dr. Robert Schultz, School District Representative
    Jim Hazen, Executive Director
    Angela Durantine, CTC Program Director (non-voting member)