• About Us


    The Communities That Care effort in the Lower Dauphin community of the Borough of Hummelstown and the townships of Conewago, East Hanover, Londonderry and South Hanover strives to coordinate efforts and rally support for the education of children promoting healthy lifestyles and practices which shall significantly increase productive behaviors and provide a safe and healthy environment for all children in our community.


    To achieve this goal, our CTC organization will focus on three strategies to effect change in the community and its young people.


    The first strategy is to expand, develop and coordinate a comprehensive school and community plan for the prevention of alcohol and substance abuse. To accomplish this, we plan to reduce student use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs and to develop appropriate pro-social behaviors. This will be accomplished by three major steps:


    1. Increase after-school activities for at-risk students through a comprehensive review of current activities for effectiveness and developing additional activities or expanding existing effective activities as appropriate.
    2. Research and develop a teen/community center by exploring and studying effectiveness of existing programs in neighboring communities, developing a plan based on best practices and determining resources, funding, collaborations and other needs of the program and implementing that plan.
    3. Student Skills Training through the development of a K-12 school committee which will review existing programs and curriculum in health and character education and purchasing materials needed to implement the revised programs.

    The second strategy is to expand and develop local services to support families and children in reaching their full potentials. To accomplish this, we plan four major steps:


    1. Incorporate a Big Brothers/Big Sisters program within the middle school by developing a committee and establishing a school-based program with expansion of the program into the fifth-grade at all our buildings at the end of this plan.
    2. Research, train and implement 'Guiding Good Choices' program by developing a committee to explore the program and determine how to best implement it into the community.
    3. 'Raising a Thinking Child' curriculum which will be developed by a committee for implementation as a part of the mobile resource center which will be discussed in the third strategy.
    4. Study the existing Parenting Group program at the high school for effectiveness and revise and expand the program as needed.

    The third strategy is to expand and develop school and community programs to increase academic success. To accomplish this, we plan three major steps:


    1. Develop and implement a Resource Center on Wheels program in order to provide resources and needed programs to preschool students and at-risk families utilizing a book lending library, student-centered programs, Raising a Thinking Child curriculum and parent programs.
    2. Devise and implement a preschool literacy outreach program into the Lower Dauphin community which will send books to every child in the community under the age of 5 on their birthday.
    3. Provide support and remedial programs for at-risk readers and writers in elementary school by reviewing current support and remedial programs and providing additional remedial programs as needed.