•  East Hanover Elementary School PTO Educational Mini-Grant/Macro-Grant Program Application

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    Mini-Grant Guidelines:

    1. Any PTO member may submit a mini-grant application at any time during the school year. This “sponsor” may withdraw his/her application at any point in the process for any reason.
    2. Mini-grants are available to fund projects up to and including $250. A set amount as determined by the annual PTO budget is available in total for mini- grants.
    3. Applications received at least 1 week prior to a regular PTO meeting would be voted on by the executive board prior to the meeting. The board may vote to approve, deny, or propose a revision to the grant idea.

    Macro-Grant Guidelines:
    All items above would apply also to the macro-grant proposal with the following exceptions:

    1. Macro-grants would be considered to fund projects over $250.
    2. There would be no set budget for macro-grants, but available funds would come from a budgetary surplus, if any.
    3. Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.
    4. The executive board would consider macro-grant applications to assess whether funds exist to cover the amount requested, and whether the project supports the vision of the PTO. The board would use these criteria to approve or deny or post-pone the application.
Last Modified on February 11, 2019