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            CARE CLUB
    Each year the Care Club, made up of parents of students at Lower Dauphin High School, work throughout the year to plan and prepare for the “after graduation” party for the seniors. The party is held at the Hershey Rec. Center. Within the center, the students can swim, play basketball, tennis, karaoke singing with video, and eat lots of food. 
    The Care Club works throughout the year to get donations from local businesses around the community for food and prizes. Funds are also earned from Care Club’s Chicken BBQ, held the first weekend in April. All funds from this event go toward the party.
    This year's after graduation party will be held June 9th - 10th , 2015 from 11 pm to 3 am.
    We welcome any  parents who would like to help plan and organize the party for this year's class. We especially need the help of underclass parents to keep the party alive until their students are seniors. 
    For more information or to get involved, please call or e-mail:
    Holly Ray - Chair - 566-0145 holly-ray@comcast.net