Delay & Closing Information
    Radio & TV Stations
     WRVV FM-97.3  WPMT/FOX 43 TV 
     WHP AM-580  WHP TV-21
     WNNK FM-104  WLYH-UPN 15
     KISS FM-99.3  WGAL TV-8
     WITF FM-89.5  WITF TV 33
     WJTL FM-90.3  WHTM TV-27
     WTPA FM-92.1  
     WWKL FM-93.5  
     WKRZ FM-Z107  
     BOB FM-94.9  
     WQXA FM-105.7  

    No school or grade may be dismissed before the regular hour for dismissal except with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools.

    During inclement weather (ice, snow, flood) the school will be closed if radio or TV reports indicate that the Lower Dauphin School District is closed. Individual school buildings are not generally mentioned.

    In the event of a morning delay, students are to report to their classrooms based on the delay time broadcast over radio and television stations and on the district’s Informaline (566-5320 or 944-1668).

    Informaline/Website/Social Media
    Information also can be obtained by calling the district’s information hotline, known as Informaline. The phone number for Informaline is 566-5320 and 944-1668. Informaline is a recorded message with information about the status of the school day.

    The district’s website is located at https://www.ldsd.org. A headline announcement will be posted there as soon as a closing decision is made.

    All emergency and weather information is recorded at those sources first, before any TV or radio station is called. They are your most up-to-date information sources in the school district.
    The district's Twitter account (www.twitter.com/LowerDauphin) will also be updated in the event of a school closing or delay. The official Facebook pages for district schools will also be updated promptly.
    School Messenger Autodialer
    The district also uses an autodialer program to contact families in the event of a school closure, delay or other emergency situation. For more information about signing up for the SchoolMessenger system, please follow this link.


Last Modified on January 10, 2020