• This notice is to convey the Lower Dauphin School District's plans in the event of a radiological emergency.
    The District has not received any information which should cause you concern, however we wanted to share our plans in the event of an emergency at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Facility in Londonderry Township.

    The District has had plans in place for many years now and once every two years we participate in a full-scale training session with Three Mile Island, the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    The Lower Dauphin School District is required to evacuate all our students within a 10-mile radius from Three Mile Island in the event of a serious incident. We will also evacuate District students attending the Capital Area School for the Arts and Dauphin County Area Vocational Technical School, even though they may be outside the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone.

    Under the District's plans:

    • All students within the Lower Dauphin School District, including walkers and high school students who drive to school, will be evacuated by bus to our host facilities in the Pine Grove School District in Pine Grove. This includes Intermediate Unit students taking classes in the District at the time of the declared emergency.
    • In the event of an evacuation, the District's Informaline (566-5320 and 944-1668) will have the most up-to-date information. Broadcast television and radio stations in the area will also be informed of our plans.
    • When an evacuation is ordered, parents are advised NOT to come to their child's school to pick them up. An orderly evacuation can best be effected by loading all children on school buses and taking them to Pine Grove. School custodians will close the driveways to our school buildings to allow only our buses to pick up students and evacuate them. Please help us minimize confusion and congestion at our schools by meeting your children at Pine Grove instead of attempting to pick them up at their school building.

    Our evacuation plans call for all elementary school students to be dropped off at Pine Grove Middle School, with students from East Hanover, Nye and South Hanover being sheltered in the gymnasium and students from Conewago and Londonderry being sheltered in the cafetorium.

    Secondary students will be dropped off at Pine Grove High School, with middle school students being sheltered in the auditorium and high school students being sheltered in the gymnasium.

    To pick up a student at Pine Grove, parents or authorized persons must present identification to the homeroom or classroom teacher and sign the release roster. Parents are then urged to leave the building and parking lot to reduce confusion. After four hours, remaining students will be transported from Pine Grove to the Williams Valley High School in Tower City.

    Parents of children attending schools located outside the Lower Dauphin School District are responsible for making arrangements with that school for pickup of their children. The District urges parents to contact these schools to make arrangements in the case of an emergency.

    Directions to Pine Grove Schools:

    • From Interstate 81 North, take the Pine Grove Exit (Exit 100/31.)
    • Travel eastbound on PA Route 443 through the Borough of Pine Grove to the traffic light.
    • Turn right at the traffic signal and continue on Route 433 for 0.4 miles to School Street.
    • Turn left onto School Street.
    • The High School is the first school; turn right into the parking lot prior to reaching the Middle School.

    Directions to Williams Valley High School:

    • From Interstate 81 North, take the Tremont/Tower City Exit (Exit 107/33)
    • Travel southbound on PA Route 209 to the Williams Valley School Complex.
    These evacuation plans have been reviewed by county, state and federal emergency officials and have been found to be acceptable in the case of a radiological emergency. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your building principal or Jim Hazen, the district's community relations coordinator.
    Three Mile Island also publishes materials about emergencies at their facility. They can be downloaded in English  l  and Spanish
Last Modified on August 19, 2020