• The following procedures are set forth to promote and encourage understanding concerning absences from school:

    • When a student returns to school from an absence he must always present an excuse signed by a parent or guardian.
    • Students must turn in excuses from home the day they return from the absence. If a student fails to bring in an excuse after five school days, the absence will be declared unexcused.
    • When a student returns to school after an absence of five or more consecutive days, he must present an excuse signed by the family doctor before re-entering the classroom.
    • A note from the doctor, dentist, etc., must accompany all requests for early dismissals or one must be shown when the student returns to school.
    • Any child who has been absent with a communicable disease should have a doctor's note to return to school and must be seen by the school nurse.
    • Parents should contact the school office in cases where the student will be out of school longer than a day or two.
    • Calls will be made periodically from the school office to check on a student's absence.
    • Students who are absent from school are not permitted to attend any school-sponsored events the day of the absence.

    For your convenience, we have uploaded a master sheet to print out extra Blue Absence Excuse Cards in Adobe Reader, (.pdf) format. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, we suggest clicking the button below and following the instructions there for the free download:

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Last Modified on August 31, 2010