• The School District recognizes that from time to time students may have the opportunity to participate in pre-planned trips and educational experiences during the regular school year.

    Upon receipt of a prior written request from the parents or guardians, pupils may be excused from school attendance to participate in educational tours or trips, when such is approved by the Superintendent or designee.
    The approval of each request will be based on the following criteria: The educational program of the pupil(s) involved, current academic standing, the pupil's attendance record, and the educational value of the trip to be taken.
    The form should be submitted one (1) week prior to the date of departure. It is to be understood by each student and parent that class work missed during the period of absence will be made up within a timeframe established by the school. After the absence a Student Absence Report card (Blue Card) needs to be returned to the school.
    For your convenience, this form has been uploaded to the district Web site in Adobe Reader (.pdf) format. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, we suggest clicking the button below and following the instructions there for the free download:
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Last Modified on September 2, 2010