•  Naviance Student 
    The LDHS School Counseling Office uses Naviance to assist us and our students in managing career planning and the college application process.  Naviance Student is a comprehensive website that students can use as a tool to help identify their interests, research careers and manage post-secondary planning and applications. 
    A student must log in to his/her personal account, where s/he can access and save information.  Students can complete surveys and assessments and begin compiling lists of prospective careers and colleges.  Our scholarship listings and college rep visit schedule are also included on the site. 
    Naviance has generously offered the Career Development Curriculum to Lower Dauphin students during the COVID 19 crisis.  Our hope is that while students have time to be reflective about themselves and their place in the world, the resources we can provide will aid that exploration process.  Please see these DIRECTIONS on how to access the career curriculum specific to your grade.
    If you don't know your user name and password, please contact your counselor for that information.   
    Step-by-step DIRECTIONS for processing college applications in Naviance, for accessing the Student Bio Sheet and requesting Letters of Recommendation
    It is very important for all students to complete the Student Bio Sheet!  Please consider doing that as a part of your fall responsibilities.
    To update your email address in Naviance:   Once logged into Naviance go to About Me, then My Account - edit your contact information on the right side.  You can also change your user name and password in the Security section of My Account. 
    Need help with college applications and/or essay writing?  Here are a few online resources for you:
    Parental Permission for transcript requests:  Transcript request form
    ***In order to release any personal student academic information, we MUST have a signed release form on file.  If a student is under 18 years old, then we also require a parent signature.  In order to streamline this process, we allow families to complete ONE release form for the senior year while students are accessing Naviance and perhaps processing multiple applications.  If a student needs us to send a transcript to a specific person or organization, there is a space to indicate that also on the release form.
     Students are encouraged to use Naviance as a career development tool where they can take interest and personality assessments and explore career fields. See our LINKS page for more career resources!


Last Modified on April 23, 2020