Scholarship Information
    The Counseling office maintains a scholarship list on the Naviance website. Scholarships are also announced on the Daily Bulletin which can also be accessed on the high school website.  Students and parents may log on to http://connection.naviance.co/ldauphin using their log-in and password. Please contact your counselor to create an ID if necessary.
    Interested students may contact Mrs. Schwartz to pick up hard copy applications and details about particular scholarships.
    SENIORS--please begin checking the list during the summer before your senior year and continue checking on a weekly basis.  DO NOT wait until March or April of your graduation year to look for scholarships or you will have missed most of the application deadlines.
    Students must pay close attention to directions and deadlines. Students please submit completed applications (7-10 days prior to the deadline) to the Counseling Office for applications that must be mailed.  Please keep in mind that deadlines are firm and neatness is extremely important.  Letters of Recommendation-  Please be sure to allow time for your recommendation letters to be completed and communicate the type of information that is needed for the scholarship you are applying for. 
    SAYING THANK YOU---Should you receive a scholarship it is important to thank the organization or source of your scholarship, grant or award you have received.  You can be proud to be a scholarship recipient. You exemplify the kind of student your donor wishes to support.  Your academic merit, financial needs, special talents, or other unique attributes have qualified you for your award. You and your scholarship donor have more in common than you may think. Take time now to thank your donor by sharing your interests and experiences, as well as expressing your appreciation. Please say "thank you,"  and after you do, tell your donor about your academic plans, your interests, and career goals.  Describe what this scholarship means to you.   A few suggestions include:
    • Reasons for choosing your school of choice.
    • Obstacles overcome to attend college.
    • An initial reaction to reaction to receiving the scholarship.  
    • Hand write your note, unless your handwriting is poor.
    • Mention the scholarship by name in your introduction.
    • Sign your name.
    • Include your return address.
    There are several free websites that provide scholarship searches and will email you results on a weekly basis. Please check out the following:
    www.hacc.edu Scholarship listing specifically for HACC students.
    www.latinocollegedollars.org   Scholarship site to assist Latino students and their families in choosing schools, fiding funding and succeeding in college.
    www.pheaa.org     Website assists with finding schools and exploring ways to pay, including grant, scholarship and loan information. 
    www.tfec.org The Foundation for Enhancing Communities website contains scholarship listings for students, please search the Dauphin County list on the website. There are multiple opportunities for significant awards, in addition PHEAA may grant matching funds to scholarship recipients who are enrolled in an approved Pennsylvania college or career school, who are a state grant recipient and who demonstrate financial need.
    The following scholarship reference materials are available in our office and may be signed out by students and parents:
    College Financial Aid Handbook www.legion.org/needalift The American Legion financial aid info booklet.
    Masonic Scholarships www.pmyf.org primarily for Masons, their sibling, children, grandchildren and members of the Masonic-related youth groups.
    The Elks Foundation www.elks.org/enf/scholars


Last Modified on September 30, 2019