From mid-June through mid-August, office hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM.   If you would like to meet with a School Counselor, it is recommended that you contact the Counseling Office to schedule an appointment.  You may contact one of the following:

    Summer School information is currently available.  Please see your counselor for remediation class details and the application. 

    There are many opportunities for students during the summer break - click on the links to explore career options, to help your community and to learn valuable skills.  We encourage students to take advantage of a variety of experiences in high school and volunteering might be a good  place to start.  Keep track of your hours and get to know your supervisor so you can document activities throughout high school.  Colleges, scholarships and employers are all looking for students who have had experiences beyond the daily routine.  Don't miss your chance!!  This list contains just a few of the local opportunities available to you:
    ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SUMMER CAMPS are offered at many colleges and universities for a fee.  In some instances scholarship funds may be available to qualifying students. 
    • BUCKNELL ACADEMY SUMMER EXPERIENCE - At BASE, students (grades 11, 12) spend a week living like a college student. It is a hands-on learning experience designed to challenge your thought processes while providing exposure to college level work. | Date: June 28-July 2, 2020 | Deadline: April 18, 2020 | Fee: Housing, meals and learning materials
    • IACCOCCA GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP INTENSIVE AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY - This program brings high school sophomores and juniors together with international high school students from all regions of the world for four weeks. | Date: June 28-July 25, 2020 | Deadline: April 1, 2020 | Fee: Program costs, materials, recreational activities, field trips, housing and meals
    • KEYSTONE BOYS STATEThis is a week-long summer experience organized by the American Legion that focuses on civics and leadership development | Date: June 21-27, 2020 | Deadline: Unknown | Fee: Unknown.
    • KEYSTONE GIRLS STATE - This is a weeklong summer experience organized by the American Legion Auxiliary to teach the importance of responsible citizenship and to empower young women to make a change in their community. Date: June 21-27, 2020 | Deadline: May 15, 2020 | Fee:  Registration
    • LEBANON VALLEY COLEGE: ACTUARIAL SCIENCE CAMP - This intensive program is for rising high school seniors designed to help them decide if they are interested in actuarial careers. | Date: June 21-26, 2020 & July 5-10, 2020 | Deadline: Until all spaces are filled. | Fee: Tuition
    • LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE - SUMMER CAMP & COMMUNITY PROGRAMMING – From expert music instruction to educational summer camp opportunities. | Date: Varies | Deadline: Varies | Fee: Varies
    • LYCOMING COLLEGE & PENNSYLVANIA COLLDGE OF TECHNOLOGY: PENNSYLVANIA FREE ENTERPRISE WEEK - This one-of-a-kind program offers in-coming juniors and seniors a unique and challenging opportunity to see what it is like to run their own business |Date: July / August | Deadline: Early Bird – March / Final  Deadline – May |Fee:  Tuition / transportation
    • MESSIAH COLLGE: FALCON CYBER CAMP - This is a fun way for high school students entering 9th through 12 grade to learn if a career in cybersecurity is in their future. | Date: July 29-31, 2020 |Deadline: June 20, 2020 | Fee: Tuition / Scholarships available
    • MESSIAH COLLEGE - PSYCHOLOGY CAMP - A great way to introduce students to the world to the various branches of psychology. |Date: June 21-25, 2020 | Deadline: Unknown | Fee: Residential and commuter options
    • PRATT INSTITUTE - SUMMER 2020 PRECOLLEGE PROGRAM - This four-week summer program provides juniors and seniors with an opportunity to build their art and design skills, create a portfolio of their work and explore possibilities. |Date: Mid-July to mid-August |Deadline: March 1, 2020 |Fee: Tuition, meal plan and student activities costs
    • SUSQUEHANNA UNIVERSITY - PRE COLLEGE PROGRAMS - High school students can spend a week living on a college campus, learn new skills and explore topics that add to a college resume |Date: June and July |Deadline: TBD |Fee: TB
    • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HARRISBURG - SUMMER PROGRAMS - This is a four-week academic pre-college program for rising high school juniors and seniors to give them a head start on a college career. | Date: June 29h-July 24, 2020 | Deadline: May 8, 2020 | Fee: Tuition
    • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HARRISBURG - COLLEGE 101- This two-week program provides youth (grades 10-12) an opportunity to take an accelerated test prep workshop, write a college admissions essay and assist with college success. | Date: July 13 – -July 24, 2020 | Deadline: TBD | Fee: Tuition 
    • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HARRISBURG - CRIMINAL JUSTICE CAMP - This will provide students (grades 10-12) with the foundation of law enforcement, forensic science and investigation within the justice system. | Date: TBD |Deadline: TBD | Fee: Registration
    • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE - ARCHITECURE INSTITUTE This rigorous introductino to architecture offers students (grades 10-12) an insight into the many college degree pathways and professions within this exciting field. | Date: July 6 - July 17, 2020 |Deadline: TBD | Fee: Registration and tuition
    • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY TYLER SCHOOL OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE - PRE-COLLEGE SUMMER WORKSHOPS - High School students (grades 10-12) are invited to attend a series of two-week workshops. For students planning to apply to an art school, this is an opportunity to acquire work in a variety of media that is suitable for use in a college portfolio. | Date: June-July |Deadline: TBD | Fee: Registration and tuition
    • UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE - EDGE SUMMER COLLEGE PROGRAM - This program prepares high school students moving into their junior or senior year for a future as a successful college student by taking two college-level courses (transferrable credits) and a pre-college readiness workshop. | Date: mid-July to mid-August | Deadline: April 1, 2020 | Fee: Tuition, housing, meal plan, lab fees and recreation costs
    • UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH HEALTH CAREER SCHOLARS ACADEMY – Sophomore and juniors are assigned to a concentration course to pursue one area of study in depth.  The courses vary from year to year, but in the past have included health care for the chronically ill, family and child health, behavioral health, geriatrics, global health and public health. | Date: June 28-July 25, 2020 | Deadline: Feb 19, 2020 | Fee: tuition, housing, meals and materials
    • YALE - SUMMER PROGRAM IN ASTROPHYSICS - This is a research and enrichment program for 32 rising high school seniors who have shown an aptitude for science and math, an interest in astrophysics and who are considering going into careers in scientific research. | https://yspa.yale.edu | Date: July 12-Aug 9 |Deadline: March | Fee: Tuition / Limited, need-based financial aid





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