Price School

Lower Dauphin School District


  • Price School Vision

    The Price School will provide a safe, supportive, and trauma-sensitive instructional environment where each student graduates college and/or career-ready.

    Price School Instructional Program

    The Price School instructional model includes the following core elements:

    • Online Academic Instruction
    • Social Skills
    • Trauma-Informed Practices
    • Physical Education
    • Reflective Journaling
    • Career-Readiness
    • Adventure-Based Education

    Price School Supports

    The Price School is supported by dedicated staff in each classroom, including classroom teachers and instructional aides. A full-time social worker serves the needs of our students, providing social skills instruction for students as well as serving as a liaision for community resources and facilitator of Adventure-Based Education. 

    If you have any questions about our Price School programs, please contact school Principal Sean McClintick or Director of Pupil Services Dr. Daniel Berra.