A number of factors go into the leveling of books for readers, including word counts, the number of different words, print size and spacing and others. The graphic at right shows many of the criteria used to determine the level of books for our readers. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask your child's teacher or contact the district reading specialists at 566-5374.
    Reading leveled books is important in your child's development as an independent reader. These books are written to various levels of difficulty, gradually introducing developing readers to new challenges. The stages of reading development are commonly separated as follows:
    • Early Emergent Readers 
    • Emergent Readers
    • Early Fluent Readers
    • Fluent Readers
    It is the mission of the reading center to provide support and guidance to teachers and parents as they help their children develop into fluent readers.
Last Modified on December 23, 2004