• On Applebee Pond Puppets

    If we’ve learned one thing from shows like Sesame Street, it’s that puppets are a captivating way to teach concepts to young children.

    On Applebee Pond Puppets recruits high school students to deliver puppet shows to elementary-aged students. The program is delivered through four skits. The young kids learn skills to get along better together and the high school puppeteers have opportunities to work with the younger students, developing a sense of attachment to their school.

    We have offered seven sessions since January 2007 to a total of 824 elementary students. Surveys of these elementary students found that they developed an increase in awareness of the importance of taking their classmates’ feelings into consideration.

    Funding Opportunities

    The cost to operate this program is $500 per year. Previous funding partners have included Dauphin County Department of Drug & Alcohol Services, Inc.

    For more information about the program, please contact Angela Durantine, Program Director, at 717-350-0428.

    On Applebee Pond Puppeteers


    “The strategies taught in the ‘peacemaking’ series of puppet skits are perfect for third graders.” —Lisa Fox, third grade teacher