Mr. Bray’s CLASS RULES

    The following is a list of rules for this class that may be

    modified at anytime during the school year.  Failure to adhere

    to any of these rules may result in the student getting a demerit(s), or a detention, or a lowering of a student’s grade, or a combination of these.



     1.  You will come prepared for class.  This includes

         having your textbook, a calculator, a notebook, and a sharpened pencil with an eraser.  You

         may be penalized for being unprepared.


     2.  You will never intentionally damage any item in this

         room.  This includes things like writing or carving on

         the desk, sticking gum somewhere, etc.  With few

         exceptions, you break something, you pay for it.


     3. Our motto in this class is SAFETY FIRST.  In this

         class you will not be permitted to do anything that

         will violate this rule.  This is especially important

         during labs. Nothing is to be placed on the floors or

         the chairs.  


     4. At the end of the class, everything is to be put

         back in its original position and all students will

         remain in their seats until they are dismissed.


     5. Please obey the student dress code.  You will be sent

         to the office if this rule is violated.


     6. If you are absent the day of a test, lab, or some

         class activity, you have 24 hours for every day that

         you were absent to make up the work.  If you have a

         study hall before my class the day you return, it is

         your responsibility to come to me to get your pass

         signed and then come here and make up the work during

         that study hall, you do not get an extra day just

         because you may not meet with me until the afternoon.


     7. During a test you must remain in your seat unless given

         permission otherwise.


     8. Cells phones will be slienced and put away once you enter the

         classroom.  Cell phones are only allowed with permission.