Course Selection at Lower Dauphin High School 

     8th grade Parent Orientation to the High School Course Selection Process
    was held on January 21, 2021 at 7PM Virtually
     Link to Career Video:Success in the New Economy
     This program is designed to introduce the overall course selection process at the high school and for parents to understand high school academic expectations. This program is also suitable for new families entering LDHS from a private or parochial school.

    A student’s program of study is most important, and the selection of courses should be made only after careful planning and deliberation. Each student is encouraged to arrange a conference with his/her School Counselor in order to choose courses on the basis of his or her abilities, interests, academic achievement, and post-secondary school plans. With the help of counselors, teachers, and parents, students should choose a high school program consistent with the career goals and post-secondary objectives they have established.

    Students should consult the full version of the 21-22 Course Description Guide to read about classes available to them.  This book is only available online. 
    We also encourage students to plan their own programs of study by using a four-year planning form to look ahead from one year to the next:
    Four Year Planning Form (year view)  or
    The CAREER & COURSE PLANNING GUIDE can also help create a more focused plan in moving students towards choosing classes based on their strengths, career, and post-secondary direction.  
    Students can find more information on their School Counselor's Canvas page 

    Course Selection worksheets for 2021-2022
    All of these worksheets will be available in Canvas under the Counselor's Canvas page as well.
    For any student also considering Dauphin County Technical School, please go to their website to learn about technical offerings and the admissions process: www.dcts.org


Last Modified on March 8, 2021