• Students Practice Early Reading Skills on Starfall


    Starfall.com allows students to practice early reading skills.     


    Starfall.com is organized into four sections- ABCs, Learn to Read, It's Fun to Read and I'm Reading.   Here's a breakdown of the four sections: 


    • ABCs focuses on the alphabetic principle, a foundational concept and the first step in acquiring the letter – sound relationship. 
    • Learn to Read focuses on vowel sounds and the sound-spelling relationship.  These concepts are reinforced through online books and games.    
    • In It's Fun to Read, students build vocabulary and comprehension skills by reading books and other material.
    •  In the final I'm Reading section, students will encounter frequently used words in online books.  The books provide a model for fluent reading, proper intonation, expression, inflection and rate             
    Please follow this link to the website:  www.starfall.com


    Research in the area of early reading has focused on the “Five Big Ideas,” which include: phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle, accuracy and fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.