• Engineering CAD (Computer Aided Design)
    COURSE DESCRIPTION – Engineering CAD (Computer Aided Design) is open to students in grades 9-12. Students can receive college credit for this course through HACC’s College in the High School program or take this course as a high school elective. Should students choose to participate in College in the High School, these 3 credits may be transferred to other colleges and universities.
    This is a good course for students who are interested in engineering, interior design, or related fields. Students will learn advanced drafting and CAD (Computer Added Drafting) skills. Students will be able to create complex 2D and 3D CAD drawings and master advanced level commands. Later in the course students will create working drawings, assemblies, animation, and presentation files. Students will also complete pictorial drawings from mechanical drawings as well as design objects on their own and solve open-ended drafting problems. Computer programs used:  AutoCAD, Inventor, Engineering Pro and Google Sketch-up.




    1. ATTENDANCE – Students must attend classes in order to listen and participate in class activities designed to help each student meet the required course objectives.  If class is missed it is the students’ responsibility to obtain missed notes and assignments from fellow students and the teacher. 


    1. CLASS PARTICIPATION – Class participation and discussions are necessary in order to evaluate the student’s understanding of the concepts taught.  Contributing to the class will be rewarded.


    1. EXAMS – Exams will be announced as early as possible.  If you are absent when a test is given, you will make the test up the next day.  Those exams missed because of an unexcused absent will receive a “0” grade for that exam.


    1. QUIZZES – Announced and unannounced quizzes will be given in order to assess the student’s knowledge of assignments, discussions, and lectures. 


    1. HOME WORK – Home work may be assigned if students need extra practice or have not finished class work during the class period. 


    1. GRADING SCALE -            

                                                                100 – 90 = A  Excellent

      89 – 80 = B  Above Average

      79 – 70 = C  Average

      69 – 60 = D  Below Average

      59 – 0   = F  Fail


    1. ASSIGNMENTS – Assignments are due at the end of class on the due date.  Points will be deducted each day the assignment is handed in late. 


    1. MATERIALS – Each student will need a separate folder (with pockets) to place handouts and projects. 



    *Academic Integrity – Any student caught cheating, plagiarizing, or otherwise behaving in a dishonest manner will receive an “F” for the work and possibly for the marking period.


     Course Objectives:


    1.      Students will have knowledge of mechanical, machine and computer-aided drafting techniques.

    2.      Students will have the ability to perform fundamental drafting techniques used in mechanical drafting.

    3.      Students will have a knowledge and appreciation of machine and industrial design.

    4.      Students will be able to solve drafting and CAD problems both independently and when working in groups.

    5.      Students will have self pride and neatness in work accomplished.

    6.      Students will be able to demonstrate correct operations of computers, software, hardware, and other peripheral devise.

    7.      Students will develop knowledge of materials and cost of manufacturing.

    8.      Students will have an opportunity to creatively express their ideas and needs.

    9.      Students will be aware of the many careers in the drafting and architectural fields.