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    Madame Klein French 1 2020-2021

    Bienvenue à la classe de français!

    I hope you are excited to begin your language learning journey with me!

    French 1 is an introduction to the French language which stresses the basic elements of the language.  Vocabulary and grammar are studied as students develop the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  French I begins with an introduction of the Francophone World . The comprehension of new content is facilitated by the constant re-entry of previously learned material.  Cultural information is integrated into the learning experience through cultural readings in the text and through a variety of supplemental materials. We will also study some aspects of art, music, history, geography and customs in the French speaking world.

    Textbook: Discovering French Today- Bleu

    Supply List

    Face to face students:

    For personal use:

    • mask covering nose + mouth
    • headphones with voice capability that function with their current LD issued laptop
    • notebook (3 ring binder or marble notebook)
    • pencils with erasers/pens
    • suggested-hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes

    @home students:

    • headphones that function with their current LD issued laptop

    Teacher Expectations

    Be prepared to class: ALL students are required to have their laptop charged and ready to be used whether in class or at home. Failure to do this will result in exclusion from daily activities. As you continue learning French, students are expected to utilize all technology provided to them including but not limited to their laptop, Canvas, Google drive, and Flipgrid.

    Face to face: No electronic devices without permission i.e. cell phones.

    Attendance: Both @home and face to face students must meet the attendance requirements as dictated by LD and are expected to be present on a daily basis. Students have the number of days absent plus one day to turn in missed work due to an excused absence.

    @home students: If not present face to face, @home students must show their faces to be marked present that period.

    Participation : As we tread new waters with face to face and @home learning, participation during class is vital. Whether you are face to face or @home, it is your responsibility:

    to participate when called upon

    complete daily assignments dictated by the teacher

    assignments are due within 24 hours by the beginning of your period the next day.

    Homework: All homework is due the next day at the start of the period.

    Makeup work: When absent, it is the student's responsibility to keep up with and study any material they may have missed including notes and homework.

    Assessments: Assessments will be administered to reinforce the material learned.

    Announcements: Communication between the teacher and students will be posted on ANNOUNCEMENTS. They will appear on the CANVAS dashboard when logged in and/or will be sent to you directly through your preferred method of notification from CANVAS. Please make certain to check them regularly, as they can contain important information.

    Email:  In this course, we will use the INBOX feature, located on the left-hand navigation links, to send email for private messages. You can either check your messages in the CANVAS system or set your notifications to your preferred method of contact. Make certain to check your messages frequently. When submitting messages, please do the following:  

    Put a subject in the subject box that describes the email content.

    Address the teacher by their name; it can start with Dear, Good morning, etc.

    Write your message without using capitalized words.

    End your message and include your full name and class period.

    Questions: In online courses it is normal to have many questions about things that relate to the course, such as clarification about assignments, course materials, or assessments. Please ask these as they come up to ensure your success on this journey.

    Behavioral expectations and consequences: Students are expected to be good digital citizens by utilizing all technology in a positive, respectful manner.  Students will abide by the school Code of Conduct which can be accessed on the school website. School wide policies and procedures will be enforced.

    Face to face and @home students:

    • Be prompt
    • Be prepared
    • Be positive
    • Be productive
    • Be polite

    Face to face students: Masks will be mandated to be properly worn (mouth + nose) at all times.

    @home students: Find a quiet space with limited interruptions.


    Academic integrity: Students are held to a high standard of academic integrity. Copying and/or sharing another student’s answers on any assessment, homework or project is not allowed. Collaborating with others unless specifically requested on an assignment or discussion is considered cheating. Using online translators or receiving translation help from a friend/relative is strongly discouraged. Students are to demonstrate mastery of material based on their own effort.

    Additional help: It is the responsibility of the student to come ask for help. I also welcome students to email me (aklein@ldsd.org or via Canvas) with any questions. If absent, it is recommended that a student email me the day of their absence to obtain the notes and work missed.


    Categories (tentative):

    50% Summative (tests/quizzes)

    50% Formative (all other assignments ie homework/class work/projects)

    Important Reminder: French is cumulative and requires students to study material daily. It is comparable to mathematics in that each concept builds on the previous concept learned. A student’s performance this year directly impacts how well he/she will do next year.

    It is the parent and student responsibility to visit Canvas/Powerschool for an update on your child’s homework, grades, important due dates, and teacher notes. Grades are updated daily. Contact the front office if you do not know your user name and/or password.

    Parents and students are encouraged to install the CANVAS app for parents on their phone.