• Occupational Therapy


    Occupational therapists at Lower Dauphin help children prepare for and perform important learning and school-related activities to fulfill their role as students in the educational setting.   Children who are diagnosed with learning disabilities, fine motor delays, cognitive and neurological delays, sensory integration dysfunction, as well as children who are on the autism spectrum can benefit from occupational therapy services to improve their areas of need. Treatment approach focuses on improving a child’s development in the areas of fine motor such as handwriting, coloring, cutting, keyboarding, hand strength, finger dexterity, and bi-manual hand skills. In addition, self-regulation, self-help, visual-perceptual, visual motor, and prevocational/vocational skills are addressed. 


    During treatment sessions, we utilize research-based curriculum such as Handwriting Without Tears, Zones of Regulation, and the Alert Program to address their areas of concern.  Also, iPads, various keyboarding programs, and assistive technology devices are implemented during treatment sessions as well as in the classroom.  Students are provided services in a variety of setting such as in the classroom, small group, and individually.  We work closely with each student’s educational team to help train parents, staff members, and caregivers to help meet the student’s occupational therapy needs.


    The LDSD Occupational Therapists are nationally and state certified with a Master’s Degree combined with years of experience in early intervention, rehab, and school-based services. Our team completes annual continuing education to remain current in the most effective treatment approaches as mandated by our national organization.