• Speech and Language Support


    The speech and language department at Lower Dauphin School district works diligently to address communication skills that have an impact on academic achievement for children who demonstrate a significant delay in articulation, expressive language, language processing, stuttering, social language, and receptive language.  We collaborate with classroom teachers, learning support teachers and other specialists to develop individualized and comprehensive plans to address each student’s communication needs.  As a team of 8 nationally certified and state licensed speech-language pathologists we boast over 137 years of experience. 

    Our team is professionally trained in the use of Visualizing and Verbalizing programming to enhance comprehension skills and expressive language.  Social Thinking programming is used to address pragmatic language skill deficits.  I Pad and computer software technology facilitates language for children who cannot communicate verbally.  Most commonly, evidence based practices are employed to remediate articulation, expressive language, stuttering and receptive language disorders.  Our team completes continuing education annually as mandated by our national organization, The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, to ensure that we are providing the most current and efficient therapies available.