Academic/Classroom Concern

    If you have an academic/classroom concern (drop in grades, question about a quiz or test, making up missed assignments, classroom rules, etc.) the first step to take would be to contact the classroom teacher with the specific concerns.  They are the greatest resource because they see your child on a daily basis and will be able to give you the most specific information about your child’s academic progress.


    If you continue to have questions or concerns, contact your child’s school counselor.  The school counselor will provide you with possible suggestions to help your child be more successful in school. 


    Below are typical steps when there is an academic concern

    1.   Contact Individual Teacher

    2.   Contact Counselor

    3.   Meet with Teachers, Counselor, Administrator

    4.   Academic Screening by Counselor

    5.   If your child continues to have difficulties, the school team and you will meet to discuss the concerns, interventions and your child’s progress and determine if further evaluation is needed.


    Social/Behavioral Concern

    Social, behavioral, or emotional concerns are not uncommonduring the middle school years.  Sometimes they are caused by divorce situations, death/loss, friendship issues, familyissues, and/or difficulty managing feelings/temper.  Concerns might stem from observed problems withbehavior, social skills, self-esteem, or motivation. 


    When such issues arise and appear to have an influence onschool performance, contact your child’s school counselor.