The Superintendent of Schools is empowered to cancel classes, delay the start of school operations or dismiss students early in the event of an emergency situation. This most commonly occurs during the winter months but parents/guardians should be aware of the possibility of a dismissal due to utility problems or other emergencies as well.
    In the event of a change in the district's operating schedule, notifications will be made via: 
    • The district's automated dialer (SchoolMessenger)
    • Informaline (717-566-5320)
    • Social media, including the district's Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/LowerDauphin)
    • The district's website (www.ldsd.org) and
    • Broadcast television and radio stations in the area.
    Parents are urged to keep their emergency contact information updated to ensure they receive the SchoolMessenger broadcast.
    During an emergency situation impacting the entire school district, your child's school will be closed if  reports indicate that the Lower Dauphin School District is closed. Individual school buildings are not generally mentioned.

    In the event of a morning delay, students are to report to their classrooms based on the delay time broadcast over radio and television stations and on the district’s Informaline (717-566-5320).