• The traditional sequence of secondary math courses for a college preparatory student is as follows:

    • Grade 6: Math 6
    • Grade 7: Math 7
    • Grade 8: Pre Algebra
    • Grade 9: Algebra (Basic Algebra only offered on a limited basis)
    • Grade 10: Geometry
    • Grade 11: Algebra II
    • Grade 12: Trigonometry / Pre Calculus

    Upon entering the middle school, administrators and guidance counselors gather and review information relative to a student’s performance and abilities in math. The students’ marking period math grades, ability to attend to lessons, ability to self advocate, mastery of fraction and decimal arithmetic, homework completion, and intuitive mathematical abilities are considered. 

    At the conclusion of the sixth grade year, Math 6 students who have earned high marking period grades, high teacher recommendations, and high marks on summative assessments complete an Algebra Readiness Assessment to determine their placement for their 7th grade year. 

    Accelerated middle school math students who successful complete accelerated courses may be eligible to complete additional math courses during their high school years. Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and on-line options are available for students who successfully complete the traditional college prep course of study during the sophomore or junior years.

    While middle school math placement may impact when high school math courses are completed, middle school placement will not dictate a student’s progression through high school level courses. As online options are increasing and students are able to complete some high school math courses simultaneously, students who are not accelerated at the middle school level may be eligible to complete advanced courses at the high school. Also, the student’s plans after graduation from high school and the impact of acceleration on a student’s GPA and class rank during their high school years should be considered.
    Middle School Math Courses
    Grade 6: Math 6 
    Grade 7: Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra
    Grade 8: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry

    If you have questions or concerns about the secondary math courses or placements, please contact your child’s counselor or an administrator.

Last Modified on July 6, 2022