Q: So what is Tri-M anyway?

    A: Tri-M is Lower Dauphin’s Music Honor Society.

    Q: What do you do?

    A: Tri-M gets young musicians involved in their community through service opportunities and recitals that are free and open to the public. We do a benefit recital each year for a designated organization that donates profits to the organization. For the past two years, we have donated our profits of the recital to Mini-Thon.

    Q: Is anyone welcome to join?

    A: Yes, absolutely! If you are involved with music in your life and want to become a part of a community of people who also love making music, come on in! We are open to grades 9-12.

    Q: How can I join?

    A: You can join Tri-M by fulfilling the requirements and attending the meetings typically held on Friday mornings at 7:00. Look for announcements about meetings on the board or from your band, orchestra, or choir director.

    Q: Who can I see for more information?

    A: Any of the Tri-M officers (posted on the bulletin board outside of the orchestra room), Mrs. Cliff, Mr. Richardson, or Ms. Colpo would be happy to tell you more about Tri-M and how to join.