• All paraeducators working in special education are required to have 20 hours of annual training (July 1-June 30, every school year). These hours are NOT recorded on your timesheet, but you will be paid on the last paycheck of the month. 

    If you do not hold an Associate’s Degree or higher (or 24+ credits of post-secondary education), you must focus your initial 20 hours on earning the Credential of Competency through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. For the 10 Standards' training videos, click on this link: https://pattan.framewelder.com. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and choose "Bureau of Special Education Paraprofessional Credential of Competency Training Series". Email me your completion certificates for time credit and payment. This time does not go on your timesheet. Refer to the email you received upon hire for complete instructions on how to apply for the Credential.

    All training sessions you take should pertain to your daily job in the classroom.


    1-hour online training session by Mazzitti & Sullivan, "Navigating Effective Communication." 

       Click either link: 

       After viewing, complete a report form and email it to Barb Brown at bbrown@ldsd.org, for training credit and pay.

    Lower Dauphin Courses:

    To register for these courses, which will count toward your 20 hours for the 2023-24 school year, go to FIS and sign up for the course.   All sessions are in-person. 


    Date Time Course Location Notes
    6/11/2024 8am -11am CPR LDHS Mat Room  only 6 spots per session
    6/11/2024 12pm-3pm CPR LDHS Mat Room  only 6 spots per session
    6/13/2024 8am -11am CPR LDHS Mat Room  only 6 spots per session
    6/13/2024 12pm-3pm CPR LDHS Mat Room  only 6 spots per session
    6/17-18/24 8am-3pm SCM Level I Conewago Library  
    6/19-20/24 8am-3pm SCM Level II Conewago Library Must have completed SCM Level I

    June 13: 8:30 am -3:30 pm at Nye Elementary

    Interested in learning more about Lower Dauphin’s Structured Literacy Plan?  Join this in-person training, where you will learn more about structured literacy and will gather tips and tricks for supporting literacy.  There will be opportunities for small break-out groups with a focus on programs like Fundations and Sonday, as well as groups focusing on best practices for reading and writing.    To obtain credit for this training you must sign in on the day of the training and complete the survey that is attached to the LDSD calendar.  

    Directions for FIS Registration

     Other avenues for training are listed in the table below. Refer to this table to learn how to register, earn training credit, and receive payment for your time.  

    Laptop on desk next to a potted flower, pencils and paper. Laptop screen says WIDA Virtual Workshops.

    Take advantage of practical and engaging professional learning


    In case you missed it, you have access to nine free self-paced workshops! Grab your laptop, gather your colleagues who support multilingual learners and dive into practical and engaging learning opportunities.

    The following self-paced workshops are available through August 31, 2024.

    • Developing Language for Learning in Mathematics
    • Engaging Multilingual Learners in Science: Making Sense of Phenomena
    • Exploring the WIDA PreK-3 Essential Actions
    • Home Languages in the Classroom
    • Making Languages Visible in the Classroom
    • Newcomers: Promoting Success through Strengthening Practice
    • Reframing Education for Long-term English Learners
    • Social Studies: Engaging Multilingual Learners through Inquiry
    • WIDA ELD Standards Framework: A Collaborative Approach



    Ready to get started?

    1. Log in to your WIDA Secure Portal account. Don’t have an account yet? Visit your member/state page to learn how.

    Click on the Member/State Page dropdown and select Pennsylvania

    Scroll down until you see the Log In portion of the page and follow the directions.

    Logging In

    WIDA Secure Portal 
    Use the WIDA Secure Portal to access test training manuals and resources, as well as Online Professional Learning modules.

    • To obtain a new login, contact help@wida.us, call (866) 276-7735, or contact your District Test Coordinator.
    • For assistance with your account, contact the WIDA Client Services Center at help@wida.us or call (866) 276-7735.

    Once you have your log-in to your account, Log-in.

    1. Scroll down to Professional Learning and click on the words Professional Learning.
    2. Locate the course and click on Course Details. Click Enroll Now.
    3. Complete a self-paced workshop and print your certificate.


      1. You must print a certificate and send a copy to Barb Brown @ bbrown@ldsd.org in order to get credit.
      2. If you take the courses before June 30th they count towards 23-24 school year requirements or FID.
      3. If you take the courses July 1st-August 31st they will count toward 24-25 school year.


     Directions for FIS Registration





    Credit and Payment


    PaTTAN website


    Email completion certificate to Barbara Brown

    You MUST use a desktop or laptop computer to get a completion certificate. The website cannot issue a certificate if you use a smartphone or tablet.

    *Click the Open button to download your Certificate of Attendance.

    *You can download Certificates of Attendance you have earned at any time by clicking the Certificates link at the top of the PaTTAN website homepage.

    SafeSchools (see approved list table below)

    SafeSchools website

    contact Jodi VanWinkle with session category and title- These courses only stay open for 30 days for you to  complete this course. 

    Email completion certificate to Barbara Brown

    All others (workshops not otherwise listed)


    Required Pre-Approval form

    Email or pony Training Report Form to Barbara Brown

    Free Webinar Training for Paras:



    Approved SafeSchool Courses 22-23

    Please contact Barbara Brown at bbrown@ldsd.org or at ext. 1017 (717-566-5317) with any questions.