Middle School                                           Art                               Grades 6 - 8

    Hello and welcome to the middle school art program. In this course, students will be creating, responding, connecting and presenting artworks created by themselves and others. Students will be learning to correctly use materials, tools, and techniques to create artworks. We look forward to sharing a positive educational art experience with your student(s). 


    1. Students will plan, investigate and develop artistic ideas and works.
    2. Students will select, analyze and interpret artistic work for presentation.
    3. Students will develop an understanding of evaluating how the arts convey meaning.


         When online - log into zoom within the first three minutes for attendance. 

    Course Requirements:

    1. Come to class or join in online with all completed work each day.
    2. Complete teacher-designed and directed projects and develop self-designed art projects.
    3. Use and care for art materials carefully and responsibly
    4. Listen to, respect and actively participate with feedback from teachers and peers.
    5. Digitally submit all work for grades.
    6. Submit one artwork with a completed art show label for the district art show, May 14-15, 2021. The art show will take place in the Lower Dauphin high school cafeteria.
    7. Students must be proactive and communicate all questions or concerns.

    Grading System:

    All artwork is graded on a total point value. The following items are a part of the final grade:

    1. Teacher-directed exercises and projects.
    2. Student-designed projects are graded in four areas: development, creating, responding and presenting. 

    Students can revise graded work, when and where possible, based on teacher feedback.


    Please contact either of the art teachers with any questions or concerns.

    Mr. Luke Gawron - lgawron@ldsd.org     Mrs. Donna Nagle - dnagle@ldsd.org

    SAVE THE DATE: LOWER DAUPHIN DISTRICT ART SHOW MAY 14 - 15, 2021 IN THE HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA- every middle school student enrolled in art class will have at least one work of art included in the art show.