• About Me
          Greetings! My name is Mr. Burkholder, and I have taught 3rd grade at South Hanover for the past eleven years.  My personal interests include travel, photography, playing music, and writing poetry. Below you will find a photo gallery of pictures I have taken on past adventures, a song I penned, and my favorite poem.
    "Into the distance we ride
    Upon this road, grey and oily we ride
    Toward the sacred mountain of the west
    Toward the stories and songs of all-night ceremony
    The roar of the wind in our ears
    The smell of fresh oil and sage clings to us.

    We have seen ourselves on this road since childhood
    We have sat up front, we have sat in the back
    We have felt the dry heat burning our lungs
    We have felt the chill of winter stinging our faces
    We have laughed and we have cried upon this road
    We have left more than tire marks upon this road.

    This is the lifeline of our land
    This road which we travel day and night
    This road that connects our communities
    Our families and our responsibilities.
    Years from now-into the setting sun,
    On this road we will still ride."
    ~By Shonto Begay